(fast-forward 29 days)

Fall break is over and fall has begun. The trees are pretty, if you can make them out through the occasional torrential rain. Facebook has received a generous gift of 165 photos of my adventures, not only in Paris with Britton Esposito, but also in London and Ireland with an unfairly wonderful group of IAU folk (unfair because I wanted to stay in Derry solving world crises with them forever and could not). Also I’m awake at 4:00 AM, again, because – well, who knows, really. My backwards physiology remains a mystery.

(zzzzzzzzzzzzzzip rewind)

But I never told you about our Roman ruins excursion! Ai ai ai. Okay. Calling a cheat again. Remember how you watched Andrew Eaton’s fabulous videoblog post about our trip to Arles? Good news! The St. Remy one is twenty minutes long, contains some excellent Provençal history, and also me talking about gross Roman hygiene. Shazam.

Cloister near St. Remy.

Unfortunately an in-depth post about my week in Paris is unrealistic, because I haven’t done any schoolwork in approximately a month and my inner type-A student is looking a bit the worse for wear (frazzled hair, old makeup circles under the eyes, tableau of empty paper coffee cups, you know the problem). So I’m gonna go deal with her for a sec – right after I write a small treatise about the awesomeness of Ireland.

Nice to be back. Hope I’ve still got readers after that small sabbatical. You are my everything.